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Skilled Nursing Services

Our team of skilled nurses possesses the expertise and experience to manage complex medical conditions, ensuring you receive the highest level of care available. With the training and qualifications to provide expert medical care, our skilled nurses are an essential component of the healthcare team. With a focus on both physical and emotional well-being, they offer comprehensive support to promote your recovery and maintain your health.

Expert Skilled Nursing Care

At City Choice, our Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are dedicated to guiding patients towards informed decisions about their care. Whether it’s for personal care, home health needs, medication management, or specialized doctor-ordered care, our RNs and LPNs are ready to provide the treatment and critical thinking needed for your condition. Beginning with a comprehensive initial evaluation to ensure the highest standards of care, the assigned RN creates a personalized medical plan-of-treatment, involving the family, client, and any additional caregivers. Trust in our skilled nurses to assist in your recovery and get you back to your best.

Comprehensive Skilled Nursing Services

With our comprehensive nursing services, our skilled nursing team can effectively manage even complex medical conditions while emphasizing your physical and emotional well-being as our top-priority. Some of our range of nursing services include:

Assistance with Medical Equipment

Effective, considerate support and guidance in using medical tools and aids.

Dressing Changes

Skillfully changing and maintaining wound dressings.

Wound Care

Our skilled staff provides expert attention and treatment for various types of wounds to help promote healing.

Care Education

We offer comprehensive knowledge and guidance about care routines and health practices.

Medication Management

Through proper administration and monitoring of medications, we help to promote a healthy recovery.

Available 24/7

We are available around the clock to provide your loved one with constant and exceptional care.

Infusion Therapy (IVs)

We prioritize patient comfort and safety, ensuring that IVs are administered in a controlled, monitored environment.

High-Caliber Caregivers

We typically hire only 1 in 25 applicants and provide ongoing training.

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